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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

SEN Switcher

SEN Switcher


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  • Early Years
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  • Ages 14-19
  • SENSwitcher is a suite of programs designed to help teach early ICT skills to people with profound and multiple learning difficulties, those who need to develop skills with assistive input devices and very young children new to computers.

    SEN Switcher is an online switch enabled application which targets ICT skills from purely experiential through cause and effect, switch building, timed activation, targeting and row scanning.

    SENSwitcher has been designed as a progressive teaching and assessment tool and is accompanied by an 18 page set of teachers notes together with assessment records, developmental skills progression models and small step checklists linked to the QCA P Levels for ICT.

    The program is available FREE to teachers, parents, care workers, if fact anyone who wants to use it. We hope you and your children enjoy it.