Best ideas for souvenirs from Norway

If you are visiting Norway, it is natural you would like to bring something for your loved ones. Or, at least, there is certainly someone expecting you to bring them anything from this amazing country.

If you are not a particular fan of typical kitchy merch like T-shirts, mugs and magnets, this article will be of great help for you to choose some curious items to give to your family and friends.

Souvenirs and other goods made of pewter

Pewter is one of the popular materials traditionally used in Norway. It is actually a tin alloy and it used to be prevalent in any type of metal goods such as tableware, cheese cutters and candlesticks. There was a time when it was even called silver for the poor.

This material is still popular today and you can buy a wide range of small and large souvenirs made of it. Actually, you should be prepared to find a variety of Viking-inspired items made of pewter. Pay your attention that a large number of goods with Viking and Nordica motives are not necessarily coming from Norway, so you should be careful if you would like to buy anything authentic.

Still, pewter goods are presented in a large variety of forms and it is not difficult to find something for everyone. At the same time, it is possible to find such goods for quite reasonable prices, so this option is good for everyone who is not planning to pay a lot for the gifts. Moreover, you can get pewter goods absolutely everywhere.

Note, that you can also check flea markets where you can get something absolutely unique made of this traditional material, however, you should be aware of the probability of getting the alloy containing heavy metals which were commonly added in the past.

Items decorated with rosemaling

Another very traditional souvenir you can bring from Norway is any item decorated with rosemaling. Rosemaling is a beautiful and very characteristic painting with flower patterns. The amount of goods decorated in such a way is large and it includes cake containers, wooden chests, plates and chopping boards.

Still, you should be prepared to pay a quite round amount of money if you looking for handcrafted goods.

Items of art

It is also a great idea to give your family or friends a piece of Norwegian art. Such a present will definitely be absolutely unique.

There are so many galleries selling items of art you can find in Norway and you should also remember about an amazing opportunity to get something truly valuable and interesting in vintage shops.