Best gifts from Norway for everyone who is in love with fashion

If you yourself or anyone among your loved ones is a fan of fashion, a visit to another country is probably always accompanied by purchasing something related to the local fashion. This can be a great idea since not all of the goods are ubiquitous and despite the fact you can order a great variety of products from abroad online, many of them are offered by foreign shops which will either not deliver the products to you or will ask you to pay an extremely high price for shipment.

That is why it is always a good idea to look for something special when you are visiting the country and Norway is no exception.

Knitted woollen clothes

One of the first associations you might have with Norwegian fashion is undeniably its knitwear. One of the most amazing facts about it is that it is traditionally made of pure wool which is rather rare in other countries nowadays. Norwegians are really serious about it since pure wool has the best properties for protecting people against cold temperatures. Those are really typical for Norway though.

Needless to say, you can find a large assortment of such goods in Norway, however, you should be aware of the fact the cheapest of them are usually manufactured in China. Although this does not necessarily mean bad quality, it might be not exactly what you are looking for while aiming to get an authentic Norwegian product.

Festdrakt or bunad

If you are ready to buy something truly unique and of high quality, you can think about getting a traditional Norwegian costume called bunad or festdrakt.

Just before you proceed reading this part, think about the practicality of such a gift as it will be more applicable to the parts of the world with colder weather. Norwegian clothes is made of pure wool and it was meant to be worn during the summer before the average temperatures starting growing with the global warming. Definitely, if you are looking for a gift for a person who lives in a hot country, there might be no sense in it.

In addition to it, think about the style of clothes this person usually wears. Such clothes will definitely be better for the people who adore the boho fashion style. Otherwise you might invest into such a gift and find its recipient never wearing it at all.

It is important to consider such points before getting festrdrakt since it can be rather pricey especially if you are looking for the one made by artisans. Actually the price for handmade pieces often exceeds 2000 dollars and can go even higher if the costume has traditional silver buttons and includes jewellery that is actually often worn with it.

Jewellery made of silver

If you have a person among your family or friends who adores fashion, you can certainly get some Norwegian jewellery for him or her.

This is always a great idea for a present, since such items are available under different price categories and in different shapes so that you will be able to meet the requirements of a style of virtually anyone. Of course, the most expensive jewellery is handcrafted and made of various expensive materials. Silver can be a quite democratic choice for you.