Best ideas for delicious gifts from Norway

If you are struggling to make up your mind about what to bring to your family and friends from Norway, you might find it useful to get something of food and beverages. It is almost always a good idea since such gifts are the most practical. Yet, you should keep in mind the individual preferences of the recipients of your gifts.

Here are some suggestions you can use.


Even though not everyone is a fan of licorice, if you know one, your trip to Norway is the best time to get their favorite dessert. Basically, Scandinavia is widely known for its love for licorice and it is a traditional sweet treat here, so you can easily find a large variety of products made of it.

You can find many chocolate boutiques offering exclusive and iconic Norwegian licorice sweets. One of the most recommended options is a ball made of licorice and covered with chocolate.

Brown cheese

If you are looking for some unusual products to get from Norway, you should certainly pay attention to brown cheese. This will also be a great present for any fans of cheese even if they eventually do not like its taste. This is actually possible, however, the reason for it is not the fact the cheese does not taste good. It just generally do not taste like traditional cheese because of the special process of caramelising that is used for its production.

If you decide to bring this product to your country, you should make sure there are no restrictions for dairy food import in your country.

Norwegian Akevitt

Akevitt or aquavit is a traditional Scandinavian spirit. Although it is made of potatoes or grains like vodka, it can be even stronger and it is also mixed with spices and herbs for special aroma and taste.

The typical way of consuming this drink in Norway is while having it at room temperature. Many Norwegians also love drinking it with beer especially pilsner.

It will be a better idea to get this beverage when you already reach a tax-free shop since the taxes for alcohol are extremely high in Norway.


If all of the gift ideas on our list will not work for you for some reasons, you can go for the option that will satisfy almost everyone. This is chocolate.

Even though Norway is not known as any special chocolate-eating nation, so no one will expect you to bring anything special from there, it is actually worth getting some chocolate from Norway.

Actually, all of the chocolate brands have slightly different formulations in their products, and some countries have pretty exclusively technology for manufacturing chocolate. You can certainly feel it by a different texture or balance between bitterness and sweetness.

When it comes to the chocolate manufactured in Norway, it is just more organic than the chocolate manufactured in many other countries, for example in the USA. For instance, this chocolate does not have any butyric acid that creates a different taste.

If you are interested in getting some Norwegian chocolate, try Trondheim’s Nidar and Oslo’s Freia.