Mind-Blowing Historical Facts About Iceland

Mind-Blowing Historical Facts About Iceland

A recent study has prompted me to outline my thoughts about Iceland. But my father was there and he wrote about it many times here. In this post, we’ll look into some mind-blowing historical facts about Iceland.

As one of the world’s most beautiful countries, Iceland is a must visit. Situated in the heart of the North Atlantic Ocean, Game of Thrones is renowned for its amazing landscape and shooting. We have prepared a collection of interesting Iceland facts to help you understand Iceland better.

5 Mind-Blowing Historical Facts About Iceland

Recent years have seen Iceland become a popular vacation destination. Stunning glaciers, roaring waterfalls, and spectacular natural evening shows are just some of the reasons why visitors flock to this remote region. This nation has many distinct features, but these mind-blowing facts about Iceland may surprise you.

  1. Beautiful Nature in the world is Iceland

An Iceland travel guide may be found easily on the internet. Why? They name it the Land of Ice and Fire because of the combination of the two elements. Due to Iceland’s numerous attractions, the landscape is just stunning. Ice has already been discussed, so let’s move on to fire! Grmsvötn is the most active of Iceland’s volcanoes. As a consequence of the earth’s heat, there are also hot springs. In Iceland, the Blue Lagoon is the most well-known geothermal spa.

Iceland has virtually no woods, which is an intriguing fact. In this country, the Aurora Borealis is the most stunning natural phenomenon that you may witness (Iceland Northern Lights). Around 75% of the year, you can see it in the sky!

  1. Icelanders Are Surprisingly Outdoorsy

A toddler to a thermal pool in the cold? Snow-covered playgrounds bringing out the kids? Leaving the pool with damp hair amid winter? All of these are very prevalent in Iceland. Icelanders have taken the concept of spending time in nature to a whole new level. Any temperature doesn’t deter them from having a good time outdoors. Infants, toddlers, and children are included in this category.

  1. Iceland Is The Most Peaceful Country In The World

Iceland is nearly always rated number one on the Global Peace Index. Several criteria go into the ranking, including safety, militarisation, and current wars.

  1. Icelandic Food Is Very Unique

Fisheries and seafood are the mainstays of Icelandic cuisine since the country is an island nation. Some of Iceland’s traditional cuisine is startling to visitors. So, let’s look at Hákarl as an example: it’s a fermented shark that (allegedly) tastes the finest when it’s urinated on. Isn’t that disgusting? If you’re traveling with children in Iceland, you’ll have to prepare them for these odd meals before they arrive.

  1. There Are No Trains In Iceland

Despite its tiny size, Iceland has a well-developed road system. This nation has no railways since most people drive there. Interestingly, there are more nations in the world without a railway than there are countries with one. Malta, Cyprus, Qatar, Yemen, and Mauritius are among them.

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