Most practical gifts from Norway

Let’s not pretend and put it straight. Many people are willing to bring something nice from their trips abroad, however, a rather small number of them actually succeed in getting anything of a practical meaning.

While some individuals are good at getting something really nice albeit still useless, even more people are just perfect at getting complete rubbish. If you are looking for a really sensible present that will give a lot of joy to the person for whom you are picking it, you should check the ideas collected in this article.

Hiking gear

One of the best presents is probably the one that a person can use for his or her hobby. Some people are very serious about their favourite activities and they love collecting necessary equipment while others feel rather uncomfortable spending too much money on their hobbies. In any case, if you bring them something can use for their beloved activity, they will be really happy.

Norway is a perfect place to shop for the presents for the individuals who are crazy about hiking. Despite the fact Norway is known for its harsh weather conditions, many people love spending time outside and hiking is a part of a lifestyle of many people living in this beautiful country. For that reason, hiking gear is widely available and it can be purchased in almost any shop. Sometimes you can be quite surprised seeing some products for hiking sold in rather unexpected place.

Moreover, hiking gear is available in Norway for quite reasonable prices so you can consider buying something for yourself if you love spending time outside as well. Some of the things you can easily find here are fleece jackets, shell jackets, walking sticks and backpacks. You should also pay your attention to sitteunderlag. These are special small mattresses of a rectangular shape that are widely used for sitting on the ground outside protecting your body from water and cold.


Another amazing idea for a practical present from Norway is also related to hobbies. If it happens you have anyone who loves knitting, you should absolutely look for Norwegian yarn for this person.

In case you yourself are far from this topic, you might be not aware of the fact the majority of countries actually have a certain problem with yarn since nowadays the majority of thread is artificial and acrylic in particular. In fact, the people who really love knitting hate these artificial materials and absolutely do not enjoy the process thus much as they do working with natural wool. That is to say without mentioning the quality of the final product that is incomparably higher when the item is made of natural material rather than from something synthetic. Yet, in some countries, it is hardly possible to get anything natural for even large money.

Thus, this is a great tip for you to shop for your gift from Norway. Actually, in this country you can easily find thread made of 100% wool. Norwegians have a long tradition of making and wearing knitted clothes and they definitely know the differences especially in temperature protection between woollen and acrylic clothes.

Unsurprisingly, you can find a gigantic choice of materials in specialised stores, albeit, we recommend you to look at the options available in grocery stores. Just like it is with hiking gear, it is also possible to find yarn in such places and it is actually frequently cheaper than in the knitting stores.