More ideas for practical gifts from Norway

To supply you with even more ideas for practical gifts from Norway, we have created this additional list of functional things anyone would like to get.

Norwegian knitwear

Another wonderful and practical gift you can give to anyone who has no allergy to wool is Norwegian knitwear. While some people might associate it unpleasantly with something that make skin rather itchy, it is necessary to know there are different types of wool and not all of them are the same. Some types of wool are actually extremely pleasant to touch.

If you want to keep your loved ones warm, it will be a great idea to buy a piece of clothes made of wool for them. Those people who really prefer natural materials to artificial ones know how difficult it is to buy anything made of real wool nowadays.

Pay your attention to the fact there are many goods under the category which are available for quite a small price, however, most of them are manufactured in China. Truly Norwegian knitted clothes is offered for different prices and sometimes can be pretty expensive. One of the brands offering knitwear of the highest quality in Norway is the Dale of Norway.

Christmas decorations from Norway

If you are looking for a practical gift from Norway and do not have enough space to hold anything we have mentioned on this list or you need to bring a number of souvenirs, you can still buy something for decorating a house, yet of higher practical value than ordinary ornaments.

These are Norwegian Christmas decorations that are pretty unique especially if you go for such options as nessers that are traditional Norwegian Christmas gnomes. Those are made of different materials and can have different styles so you can easily find the one you like. Pay attention to the ones wearing knitted clothes.

Hardangerbestikk tableware

While tableware might be extremely beautiful, it can also be rather fragile and while the majority of people are capable of admiring its appearance, not everyone is ready to use it for serving food just because of the fear of destroying it. There are even many collectors of tableware who have stocks of wonderful porcelain at home and still use some basic option that they are not afraid to break.

Norway has its wonderful brand known as Hardangerbestikk that is specialising in functional and practical tableware that is genuinely beautiful with its Nordic aesthetics. This one is made of stainless steel so that you can definitely use it for serving food without any worries and it is also washable in dishwashers.