Home decorations from Norway

Whether you are looking for a present, a souvenir from Norway or would like to bring something for your own home, these ideas can help you to choose something really great.

Norwegian Christmas decorations

An idea to bring Christmas decorations might seem weird when they are available absolutely anywhere. Yet, if you cannot bring large presents for everyone you want, this option can be great. Unlike typical kitchy magnets, such decorations are indeed functional as they are supposed to decorate a house during the Christmas time.

In addition to it, Norwegian style for Christmas decorations is pretty unique and they have their iconic items you might not find thus easily abroad. For instance, Norwegians particularly love decorating their houses with what they call nissers. This word is used for gnomes. The gnomes sold in Norway come in different shapes and also quite frequently wear knitted clothes. You can also look for handmade and hand-painted ornaments.

Animal pelts

If you have enough space in your luggage, it can bear a certain amount of weight and you yourself as well as the person for whom you would like to get a present is not particularly concerned about animal sufferings, you can get one of the most iconic souvenirs from Norway which is an animal pelt.

Reindeer pelts

The most classic choice for a pelt is a reindeer one which will suit perfectly into any interior design based on a rustic style. Yet, it is important to know reindeer hair has a particular structure if being rather hollow. As a result, it appears brittle to touch and such a pelt will not be suitable for walking on, so it might not be a good idea to put it on the floor. Still, it will look great on the wall.

Make sure you are allowed to bring your pelt to your country first. Note, many countries generally allow bringing such goods, however, there might be certain requirement for it to be treated. In order to understand whether it is treated or not you should check its backside. The backside is supposed to be clean and white. If the backside is brownish and feels tough, it was not treated properly even if the seller told you it had been.

Sheep pelts

As you can see, even though a reindeer is a classic Norwegian souvenir, it is not exactly very practical. If you still want to go for a pelt, you can also consider a sheep one. These pelts are a way softer and can be used both on the floor and on your sofas and armchairs.

You might be wondering if there any point in bringing such a large and heavy item from Norway. It is definitely not thus exotic as a reindeer pelt and you can find it in many stores located abroad. While this is true, Norwegian sheep pelts are considered to be of particularly high quality. Their sheep species have longer and softer hair which are making them particularly pleasant to touch.

Note that the regulations for pelt import are the same for sheep ones as they are for reindeer ones.