Tableware from Norway

You might not be aware of that fact, yet, actually Norway has several unique types of tableware that you can purchase as a gift and bring to someone who loves cooking or would like to decorate their home with something beautiful and exclusive.

This article will give you several suggestions of such goods.

Tableware decorated with rosemailing

Rosemailing is a traditional way of decorating some types of tableware with beautiful patterns of flowers. These painting are made manually and the most common choice of the objects to decorate with rosemailing is a plate, cutting board or container for cakes. The latter one is extremely popular in Norway so we are going to look at this item in more details.

Goods with rosemailing can be a nice idea of a gift, however, you should be prepared to pay for them if you are looking for the ones that are handcrafted.

Cake containers

One of the most traditional pieces of Norwegian tableware are cake containers. Usually, they are made of wood and they are called tines in Norwegian.

The best part of this typical item is its beautiful ornamentation. If you would like to go for something truly traditional, you can get the one that is decorated with rosemaling that has been mentioned above. Yet, there are also other options to choose from such as sculpted elements.

Furthermore, you can also find some truly unique options in vintage shops, however, they might be more expensive and will certainly require some time to be found.


In case you are looking for more practical tableware that will still be very unique for Norway, you should pay your attention to the products offered by the popular Hardangerbestikk brand.

The majority of their products is made of stainless steel of the highest quality and all of the items have iconic Nordic design. These items look very stylish and still they are functional. In addition to it, the Hardangerbestikk tableware can be washed in a dishwasher.

The only thing you should keep in mind while choosing this option is the weight limits there might be for your flight. As you can imagine, this is probably one of the heaviest souvenir from Norway you can get.