Top 10 Vikings Facts for Kids

Top 10 Vikings Facts for Kids

The Vikings were Scandinavian solid warriors from a region in northern Europe. In the years 700–1100 CE, they were at their strongest. The Vikings were excellent shipbuilders, and their longboats went across Europe and the USA. Some of the trips were violent attacks with warrior groups assaulting towns and villages along the sea and rivers. They would murder anybody who fought against them and take their riches and slaves away. The Vikings explored new areas to dwell in, and trade with other trips was pleasant. Check out these Top 10 Vikings Facts for Kids.

Children from Viking did not go to school. Everything has been learned through tales. Sagas are considered long Viking tales. The Vikings arrived in Lindisfarne on 11 January AD793. They had sailed from Denmark and Norway across the North Sea. They invaded the island and murdered monks in the priesthood. Gold and silver were stolen, and damage and death were inflicted. The Vikings thought that they would go to Viking paradise if they perished in battle. They thought every night they could drink and party here.

10 Vikings Facts for Kids

Most Viking homes were built of wood, stone, or turf with stunning roofs. All of them had a hole in the roof to release smoke from the fire. During Viking times, there was no job as such. Mostly, farmers, artisans, and merchants were the people. Women milked cows, spun, woven, and stitched clothing to produce cheese.

  1. The Vikings did not have fridges, so instead, they could smoke or salt meat and fish for longer. Smoking was when fire hung meat or fish. The burning smoke sucked the moisture out of the meat, making it longer. The salt sprinkled onto food was also a preservative that meant that could eat it longer.

2. The Vikings spoke in the Old Norse language. Twenty percent of contemporary British terms, like cheerful, foot, and cake, originated from the Viking language!

3. Christopher Columbus has often been considered the European who found the ‘New World,’ although a 500-year old Viking adventurer beat him.

4. There were many gods among the Vikings. Odin was their primary and most significant deity. In Asgard, he reigned and was Thor’s father. He rode a horse with eight legs. He loved to wander the world in disguise to fall in love with women.

5. Although many people believe that the Vikings wore helmets with their horns, there is no proof that this is accurate!

6. The Vikings were excellent warriors and had many weapons, including spears, swords, and fighting axes.

7. Three Viking groups named Swedes, Danes, and Norwegians existed.

8. The Vikings adored blonde hair and even developed methods of teasing and smoothing it to make it seem more blonde.

9. Viking longships typically featured a wooden dragon sculpted head at their forefront because they thought it would fend off evil spirits.

10. Fish was one of the most frequent meals for Vikings. They would hand up fish even in July and dry them before eating them.