The Best Places to Visit in Iceland

The Best Places to Visit in Iceland

Maybe Iceland is my most gorgeous nation and one of the few that impressed me from beginning to end. We will discuss through this article the best places to visit in Iceland. There are so many lovely places in this country that a single list cannot convey it well. Although its size may be relatively modest, it offers incredible views, from the crystal blue glacial lagoon to green moss mountains, reddish sand beaches, and dark desert landscapes.

Entertainment venues to visit in Iceland

There are so many best places to visit in Iceland that there is not a single list to do right, but here are few places I think everyone should visit to experience the finest Iceland has to offer.


The Westfjords are home to some of Iceland’s most spectacular scenery, varied fauna, and beautiful villages on the shore (such as Breioavík, pictured), which are more remote than elsewhere, but worth a trip. Dynjandi Waterfall is not only the largest in the western fjord but is also one of the country’s most magnificent waterfalls. In the Westfjords, Raudisandur (red beach) is a lovely, isolated red sandy beach.

National Park Vatnajokull

The National Park of Vatnajökull spans about 14% of Iceland, making it the second-largest National Park in Europe. Vatnajokull National Park is one of our favourite locations to explore ice caves, home to one of the world’s most enormous glaciers. However, in Vatnajokull, there are more than simply ice rivers covering a large part of the eastern half of Iceland. It has two of the island’s most active volcanoes, reindeer herds surrounding Mt. Snaefell, and many grand cascades, such as Svartifoss, Dettifoss, and Selfoss.

Lagoon Blue

The Blue Lagoon of Grindavík seems worldwide—black lava rock dotted with milky blue seas and steamrolling like winds. But just half of the experience is the aesthetic attractiveness. A bath in 100 degrees water is a spa experience with silica mud masks and mineral salts, making your skin look and feel better than when you came. It is also near Reykjavik but far enough from the city’s light pollution to appreciate the capital if you are interested in seeing the northern lights.

National Park Thingvellir

National Park Thingvellir is one of Iceland’s most visited attractions. This region offers beautiful scenery and has historical and geological importance. Would you mind reading our complete guide for additional information about Thingvellir National Park’s fascinating history, attractions, and suggestions on things to do and see? It is a historic place in Iceland, on the east side of Reykjavík. The location of Iceland’s parliament from the 10th through the 18th century is known for the Althing. The church and the remains of ancient stone shelters are located on the site. The Park is located in a rift valley created by two tectonic plates.

Hotel Budir

It may seem odd to put a hotel on such a list of natural marvels. Situated on the Snaefellsnes peninsula on a lava field beach, the beautiful and sophisticated Budir Hotel offers an excellent restaurant, excellent services, and feels completely isolated. Two hours from Reykjavik, its beautiful location is situated in the isolated peninsula with the sea behind it, the lava fields front it, and a little black church next door. The motel itself is rustic and even provides wake-up calls when Northern Lights show late at night.

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