Interesting Historical Facts about Sweden

Interesting Historical Facts about Sweden

It is not only due to the fantastic natural phenomena like Northern Lights and Midnight Sun, and Scandinavian culture that Sweden is one of the most stunning nations in the world. This page is intended for people seeking interesting historical facts about Sweden.

It is an entire nation driven by a desire to change the world better, set an example to the world using sustainability, social welfare, peace, achievements in the reduction of waste, and the sheer creativity and culture immersed in sustainability that distinguishes this Scandinavian country truly.

8 Interesting Historical Facts About Sweden

Impress your friends and your family with these exciting and unusual facts about the near neighbors of Norway, Sweden. Norway and Sweden are the same for many outside the area. Although the two Scandinavian nations share much history, culture, and closely related languages, several vital distinctions still exist.

  1. Sweden has double the population of Norway

Sweden’s population is around 10.3 million. That’s nearly double the population of Norway! It is also considerably more extensive than the other Scandinavian nation, Denmark, with around 5,8 million inhabitants.

  1. One of the cleanest countries on the planet

Environmental awareness is firmly rooted in Swedish culture and Nordic nations, so Scandinavia is home to some of the cleanest and most advanced countries. The people are highly dependent on public transit and recycling, and organic (ecological) cuisine is good.

  1. Birthplace of many global companies and iconic brands

Several unique designs, production, and technical businesses have been established in Sweden, including IKEA, Ericsson, H&M, Volvo, Saab, Scania, and Electrolux.

  1. Swedish art in the Stockholm metro stations

The Swedish capital boasts the most excellent public transit systems in the world. Walking through a metro station in Stockholm is claimed to be entering the “longest art show in the world,” which is more than 68 miles long. More than 150 artists adorned about 90% of the stations in diverse themes and styles, including mosaics, paintings, graffitis, installations, sculptures, etc.

  1. Sweden purchases waste from Norway

Swedes are big recyclers! Most garbage is recycled or composted, and the rest is burnt for energy. As good as that sounds, there’s a big problem: there’s not enough garbage left to keep the incinerators running. As a result, Sweden has developed a new alternative. To keep the lights on, they import garbage from Norway and the United Kingdom. Moreover, Sweden gets compensated for removing its garbage!

  1. The Swedes invented nicotine replacement gum

Because of this breakthrough, millions of individuals across the world have been able to quit smoking for good! As a result of a study on Swedish smoking submarines, Leo AB in Helsingborg has developed the first product, Nicorette.

  1. Sweden’s Secular Society

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sweden is the country’s primary religion but has been divorced from the state since the century. Many other faiths, including various Christian denominations and Buddhism, are represented in Sweden, Islam is a developing religion here, and the enormous Jewish population is there. Yiddish is indeed one of Sweden’s five recognized languages.

  1. Home to the world’s largest scale model of the Solar System

Sweden is a pioneer in astronomy worldwide and is home to the world’s biggest solar system model. The Ericsson Dome represents the sun in Stockholm – the largest hemispheric structure on the planet – while at Kiruna, 950 Km distant, the model marks the end of the solar system, the Termination Shock. Every item is designated with a model or statue, and Mercury is just three kilometres from the centre, while the Earth is seven. 6km distant, and Pluto is three hundred kilometres away.

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