The early metal scene of Scandinavia

If you are passionate about music or the Scandinavian culture, you are certainly aware of the huge impact on the metal scene Scandinavian countries have made. This area of the world has great significance for the music industry especially in the heaviest genres. If you want to explore this amazing part of the world and learn more about the way its heavy music career started, this article will share some curious facts with you.

The Scandinavian region

Apart from US and UK, where the metal scene was born, there are countless of other awe-inspiring and deadliest bands out there that can knock you out at your first shot to the band. While not each of their tracks may knock you out rather you spit on it, the metal scene of Scandinavia is on the whole new level.

Scandinavia has a great history of war, culture and magnificent landscapes, language and people. Scandinavia is not a country but a region. There are countries under this region. Scandinavia is located to the North of Europe and this is a sub-region. There we have countries like Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Most often, this region is referred to as The Scandinavian Peninsula, although Denmark is often excluded from The Scandinavian Peninsula, while this area sometimes includes a part of Finland. How about that?

While there are more to the Scandinavian geography and history, we will not dive deep into any of these and would rather leave it to the people with such thirst, and let’s talk about the scorching hot metal scene of this coldest region.

The beginnings of the metal scene in Scandinavia

Scandinavian metal scene has its roots from the late 1970s. Most often this roots are referred to the scene of punk rock and to be precise its sub-genre such as D-beat and hardcore punk. A little about D-beat is, this is a pattern of drumming originated in the 80s and popularised by the band ‘Discharged’. While all this punk bands have influenced the birth of Metal scene, one band, which rose in 1983 from the darkest abyss of Sweden, called ‘Bathory’. Bathory is a black metal band with ever-hailing glory and darkness that paved the way to the lot of popular bands we already might know from this generation. Bathory’s influence spread not only on Europe but all over the globe like the eternal night in hunger engulfing all those young boiling blood hearts to rock the hell out of the scene.

Mayhem and the division of the metal scene

To spice up things up band like Mayhem turned the tide of the whole scene and gave birth to an extreme metal scene, even although Mayhem themselves were black metal band. Their gruesome acts on the stage of Pellee the lead vocalist, the murder of the guitarist Euronymous and several other rumours and real acts of the band set forth the example of bloody extreme metal scene. This scene was divided into two extreme metal scenes. One, the Gothenburg metal scene and the other being the Stockholm metal scene.