More things you should know about Norwegian cuisine

Norwegian cuisine has plenty of amazing dishes some of which are pretty simple but still delicious whereas others are real delicacies. At the same time, this country also has several dishes which are widely regarded as rather controversial. This article will guide you through Norwegian cuisine!

Popular Norwegian desserts

The simplest Norwegian desserts are still delicious. The most popular and easy-to-cook ones are lefse and Norwegian waffles.


Actually, lefse is a type of Norwegian flatbread which is made of cream, butter, flour and potatoes. Just like it is in the case of pancakes, Norwegians use lefse for rolling various food into them, however, the most popular one is just eating them with butter.

It is also common to have lefse with sweet additives such as lingonberries, jams, cinnamon or sugar.

Norwegian waffles

In all likelihood, the majority of people associate waffles with Belgium since this dish is traditional for that country and Belgian waffles are known in the entire world. Still, Norway has its own version of waffles which are extremely delicious.

Their typical feature is a shape of hearts. These waffles are served with cream and jam as well as a bit of raw sugar.

Norwegian street food

One of the most popular types of Norwegian street food resembles hotdogs, however, it is not exactly the same. Instead of special hotdog buns, sausages are rolled into a potato pancake. This dish is called Pølse med Lompe and it is sold everywhere.

The weirdest Norwegian dishes

There are several Norwegian dishes which are raising a lot of controversy.


When it comes to the strangest dishes of the Norwegian cuisine, Lutefisk is probably the most famous one. Actually, the dish is considered to be a delicacy and it is consumed around Christmas. This is a fish dish and it is usually cooked from whitefish such as cod. Another crucial ingredient of the dish is lye which is making the taste of the fish rather specific and strong. usually, the fish is left in the lay for a couple of days which makes the cod particularly soft and jelly-like. Finally, the fish is salted and dried.

Certainly, you should try it on your own to understand this dish, however, be prepared to find it rather unusual.

Whale steak

Another controversial dish of the Norwegian cuisine is whale steak. That is true, you should prepared to the fact whaling is not prohibited in this country and you can find places where whale meat is served even though it is becoming less and less popular nowadays.

In this country though eating whales is regarded to be normal and you can find its meat in fish markets as well. One of the popular ways of cooking it is as a grilled whale steak.


Smalahove is a traditional Norwegian dish which was historically popular among poor people. Today it is not thus popular among Norwegians and in all likelihood you will not meet the ones who continue the tradition, however, it exists.

Smalahove is a sheep’s head which is cooked by steaming or boiling for three hours. It is usually served with potatoes and rutabaga.

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