Swedish desserts everyone should try

If you are visiting Sweden for the first time, you might not be aware of the fact this country has plenty of traditional desserts. Indeed, the cuisine of Sweden goes far beyond various ways of preparation of herring – here you can find absolutely amazing sweet treats which cannot be found anywhere else.

In the previous article, we have already provide you with a short guide among traditional cakes and pies cooked in Sweden. Now, it is time to find out more about other popular sweet treats loved by Swedes and their guests.

Semlor Buns

All of the fans of marzipan should try Semlor buns while visiting Sweden. Apart from marzipan, these extremely soft and delicate buns are also filled with whipped cream. Note the whipped cream used in these buns also has an almond paste in it. In addition to it, they are made with cardamom which is making the taste particularly rich. Now you can imagine how incredible the taste of such a dish is.

Saffron buns

One more great idea for Swedish buns is saffron buns called lussebullar in this country. Lussebullar is a festive type of buns flavoured with saffron which is one of the traditional Christmas desserts.


Kanelbulle stays for cinnamon buns. Even though you can easily find cinnamon buns in many countries around the world, you should know this popular treat actually originated in Sweden. That is why, if you particularly like this sweet treat, you should try it when you are visiting this country.

Kanelbulle are particularly soft and they are filled with cinnamon sugar which is pretty sticky.

Swedish waffles

There are several countries which particularly love waffles. Sweden is one of them and waffles are actually extremely popular here especially when it comes to breakfast. The way Swedes are making their waffles differs from the well-known Belgian waffles. In this country, waffles which are locally called vaffeldagen are crisper and thinner than regular waffles and also usually come in the shape of hearts.

Swedish pancakes

Swedes love to have pancakes for breakfast, however, they also love to have it as a dessert. The particular type cooked in Sweden is featured with a buttery taste and is usually served with jam and whipped cream.

Swedish Christmas Toffee

One of the most popular Christmas desserts in Sweden is toffee which is a perfect mixture of butter and caramelised sugar. This toffee is somewhat crunchy and is usually filled with different nuts.

Swedish ginger cookies

In case you are looking for spicier desserts, you might be willing to try pepparkakor. This is the term used by Swedes for their ginger cookies which resemble of gingersnap, albeit, this particular type of ginger cookies is not iced or frosted.

Swedish butter cookies

For those guests of Sweden who prefer simpler tastes, Swedish butter cookies will be perfect. Yet, although these cookies lack complicated ingredients, their taste is so creamy and they are so soft melting in the mouth, that you will certainly not be disappointed by them.

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