The best Swedish cakes and pies

Anyone visiting Sweden should give a try to its amazing desserts and especially its cakes and pies. Even though they are not particularly popular outside the country, they are absolutely worth your attention. The way in which Swedes cook many of the typical desserts are really unique so you certainly should use an opportunity of checking these dishes while staying in Sweden.

Swedish Apple Pie

In case you are a fan of apple pies, you should certainly try the one cooked by Swedes. Actually, the traditional apple pie made in Sweden is indeed pretty unique. The reason for that is the fact it does not have the crust of regular apple pies you know.

The filling of this pie is made of apples and cinnamon and it is pretty thick and spiced. In fact, the filling while baked gives a shape of a crust to the pie making the entire texture of the pie quite interesting.

Sticky Chocolate Cake

Many countries shave their own ways of baking chocolate cakes and Swedes again, are doing it in their unique way. Their traditional chocolate cake is known as kladdkaka and it has a very specific texture of being extremely crunchy outside and very moist inside. This particular type of a chocolate cake is a way denser than other chocolate cakes you know.

Kladdkaka is usually served with whipped cream, ice cream or just powdered sugar.

Swedish Apple Cake

The Swedish cuisine also has an apple cake which should not be mistaken with the apple pie described above, however, it is equally delicious. This cake is tender and moist whereas the apples in this cakes are tart and crisp. An essential ingredient of this cake is a special vanilla sauce which is making the cake particularly delicious.

Swedish Almond Cake

One more peculiar cake coming from Sweden is the almond one. The cake itself is pretty dense and it is served with delicious almond topping. Note that there is some lemon zest added to this cake as well which is making the cake particularly untypical.


Princesstarta is the way in which Swedes are calling one of their traditional cakes which they love to relish on some special occasions, for example, at birthday parties. In English princesstarta stays for princess cake and it a sponge cake with a fruit filling. A crucial part of this cake is a marzipan frosting which is traditionally made in a green colour. Note you can also find this cake under the name of Princessornas Nya.

Swedish Cheesecake

How is about Swedish Cheesecake? This one will be loved by people who prefer creamy and rich cheesecakes. The consistency of this cake is resembling of custard and it is made from almonds, sugar, eggs, cream, cottage cheese and flour. You will find this cake served in Swedish restaurants with a berry syrup, whipped cream or jam.

Almond and cardamon mini-cakes

One more amazing way to relish the Swedish cuisine is trying the mini-cakes which are indeed pretty small however featured with a very strong taste coming from the combination of cardamom and almonds.